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Knowledge is power!

About few weeks ago, I was at a meetup at St Oberholz (where I will be presenting on 15 August). I met two wonderful women, Constance Pawelke and Iga-Maria Mertner, from the Employment Agency there.

I came to the meetup without any knowledge of who was presenting and what the theme was. I wanted to experience the location and understand the venue, the energy and the atmosphere. On top of that I was very curious about what the topic may be and to gage who else was interested to attend such a meetup.

Constance Pawelke and Iga-Maria Mertner are both in the newly established Kompetenzteam Arbeitgeberberatung Startup/Neuansiedlung.

It is important to know that the Employment Agency (sadly) has a bad reputation.

I met two people with whom I felt so comfortable with that I shortly after meeting them swapped to using the casual reference terms. Was this okay, I thought?

From our conversation, I learned that they provide amazing opportunities to so many people, especially in helping startups. Their core task is assisting startups. The support system of the employment agency goes from recruiting new talents till providing financial support for talent development. Such a service is so unique and is definitely only found in Berlin!

These two women were so driven and caring, I highly recommend for you to seek out their help if you have any questions that you might want answers too or are actively searching for solutions.

There is definitely change in the air. I encourage you to take the next step and find out how Constance and Iga-Maria can help you in your personal and professional development. I definitely learnt so much and I know that you can too.

Knowledge is power!

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